Cheating Hearts

  • 72 Minutes
Starring Laila Odom, Don Hale Jr., Latoya Jones
Synopsis Cheatin’ Hearts is a seductive romance about a husband (Greg) and wife (Shawnda) who, after 6 years of marriage, find themselves straying outside of their union. Shawnda discovers that she had a desire for women and dives into a world of sex, lies and confusion. Believing that she had mastered living a double life, she fails to realize that Greg has also found someone else (Paula) to spend his time with. Sensing that life with Shawnda and Greg isn’t going as planned, Shawnda’s sister (Sammy) flies out to Los Angeles to offer some guidance. Sammy does exactly what she sought out to do and brings Shawnda and Greg back together. Just as things start to look up, Greg and Shawnda discover that they’ve been sleeping with the same woman. Is their love strong enough to overcome?

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