Nora's Hair Salon

  • 90 Minutes
Starring Jennifer Lewis, Tatyana Ali, Tamala Jones, Lil Kim, Bobby Brown
Director Jerry Lamothe
Writer Chanel Capra, Jean Claude Lamarre
Synopsis Hot gossip and cool hairdos sit side-by-side in this independent comedy-drama. Nora (Jenifer Lewis) is the owner of her own hair salon in an African-American community in Los Angeles, and she watches over her "family" of employees, as well as an assortment of friends, relatives, and regular customers. Lilleana (Tatyana Ali) is a new employee at the salon who is trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband Bennie (Bobby Brown). Chloe (Tamala Jones) is a hair stylist who has aspirations of making it into show biz. Ming (Lucille Soong) does manicures and isn't very good at minding her temper or hiding her opinions. And Devin (Jean-Claude LaMarre) is a gay man who is feeling uncertain about his relationship with his..
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