What Men Think

  • 80 Minutes
Starring Erice Giles, BJ Williams, Adam Rennie, Natasha Noreiga
Director Eurika Pratts
Writer Sophia Bason
Director of Photography Michael Woxland
Synopsis Women aren’t the only ones who need understanding. After 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to publish a novel, the dynamics of David and Catrina’s marriage change. Catrina is forced to work and provide for the household while her husband David focuses on writing a best seller. As a woman trying to provide, Catrina doesn’t understand how David could just stand by and let her work, while he stays home and types. He doesn’t communicate or show affection the way she needs him to. What is he thinking? But are the issues of their marriage all on David, or is it that Catrina doesn’t understand him… is the problem her?
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